FO'TET Augmented...Fo' n Mo'


For those of us who love jazz one of the hippest things in the world is to hear new music from a recognized grand master who is accelerating at full speed. This latest release is titled Ralph Peterson presents the Ralph Peterson Fo’tet Augmented ALIVE at Firehouse 12 - Volume 2: Fo’n Mo’, and it’s the kind of recording where all the elements come together at the right time, the right place, with the right musicians. Peterson has been one of the most in-demand drummer bandleaders for more than a quarter of a century. He has lead a number of influential ensembles which have continually pushed the envelope of imagination and improvisation. Early in his career, he worked with the cooperative supergroup OTB (which featured Kenny Garrett, and Bob Hurst). His first band with Terence Blanchard, Steve Wilson, Geri Allen, and Phil Bowler was easily one of the best small groups in the 80’s. His 21st century quintet with Jimmy Greene, Jeremy Pelt, Orrin Evans, and E. Sebastian Revis put a lot of heat on many bandstands during its tenure on the scene. However, Peterson’s Fo’tet was always a different kind of race horse. Much like Secretariat, the Fo’tet was a pacesetter from the beginning and operated in a different harmonic and linear space. Because it didn’t have the piano as the harmonic anchor, the vibraphone became the ideal complementary foil for Peterson’s compositional machinations. With the saxophone and vibraphone as the frontline instruments, his writing became edgier and exceptionally gritty. The Fo’tet has also boasted a number game changers like Don Byron, Bryan Carrott, Belden Bullock, Steve Wilson, and Bob Franceschini, and the voice of the 80’s, tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker. Peterson’s most dynamic compositional ideas have always been given their most radical exposure in the Fo’tet environment. As he’s become more seasoned, his writing has taken on a more global view incorporating the rhythms of West Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. In Peterson’s world, it’s not only about the individual ingredients, but it’s about the end result. With Fo’ N Mo’, Peterson brings it home with the newest members of the band which include Clarinetist Felix Peikli, Vibraphonist Joe Doubleday, and bassist Alex Claffy - who upon listening to this recording, leave no doubt that Peterson has identified some new soldiers to take the battle forward. Along with these young men, a few special guests are on this magnificent recording as well. Percussionist Eguie Castrillo may be unknown to the general public today, but after this recording drops he will become a much in demand conguero. On this set, he simply keeps the pots boiling from bar to bar, minute to minute. Saxophonist Steve Wilson, without question, is simply one of the finest reedmen to appear on the scene in the last 25 years. On this recording, Wilson only plays soprano, but it’s a crackerjack whippin’ stick. He makes it speak the language from the inside out to the upside down.



Born in Oslo, Norway, Felix Peikli found his way into music trough the local Marching Band at the age of 8. At an early age Felix received multiple prizes and awards in different contest such as AOM (local), OM (state), NM (national), UKM (nation), The National Dream Prize (national), The Capitol of Norway Honor Prize (national), Grant in the Grand Chance (national), Vandoren Emerging Artist (International) and more. Felix attended clarinet studies at Barratt Dues Classical Institute of Norway and studied clarinet under Professor Fredrik Fors (from 2004 – 2008). Appearing frequently on national TV, Radio and other media as a bandleader, Felix quickly gained mass recognition and a steady following. Felix begun playing on National and International festivals, international appearances, concerts, etc. (such as in Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, U.K. etc.) and became his main sponsor in2007, working closely with Jorn Hoel. Felix has already conducted 2 international tours as a band leader in August 2010 and June 2011 with the Felix Peikli Quintet playing at venues such as the Oslo Jazzfestival, Valdres Festival, TV2, and more.

Granted a Full Tuition Scholarship, Felix begun his studies at Berklee College of Music fall 2008 and has been so fortunate to have the opportunity to study and play with/for many talented musicians and professors such as Frank Tiberi, Harry Skoler, Terri Lyne Carrington, Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Leo Blanco, Greg Osby, Hal Crook, Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman, Eddie Gomez, Aaron Goldberg, Wayne Shorter, Ralph Peterson Jr., Ben Street etc. As a part of the newly founded honors-program “Berklee Global Jazz Institute” (directed by World renown Danilo Perez and Marco Pignataro), Felix has had a chance to meet many wonderful musicians worldwide. In 2011 he went with the BGJI touring New Orleans, LA, and Panama.

Felix is currently a part of Ralph Peterson Jr.!s world-renowned jazz group “Ralph Peterson Fo!tet” having already performed at venues such as the House of Blues.




Joe Doubleday is a young vibraphonist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In high school, Joe was accepted into the regional and state honor bands for classical and jazz. He later attended the prestigious private arts school, Oklahoma City University, on a full scholarship as a classical percussionist. While in the school, he played every night at local jazz clubs such as Maker!s Cigar Lounge, The Prohibition Room, Bedlam BBQ, Bourbon Street Jazz Café, Ingrid!s Beer and Wine Bar, Sage Lounge, The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, and Urban Roots. He also headlined jazz festivals such as The Red Bud Jazz festival and Tonkawa Jazz festival. After studying classical percussion for 2 years at Oklahoma City University, Joe received a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music.

Since moving to Boston, Joe Doubleday has had the privilege of studying with Terri Lyne Carrington, Ed Saindon, Greg Osby, Dave Samuels, Ralph Peterson, Scott DeOgburn, and many others. He has had the opportunity to perform with many well-known musicians such as, Aaron Goldberg, Reuben Rodgers, Oscar Stagnaro, Dave Liebman, Jason Palmer, Neal Smith, Jean Caze, Luques Curtis, Tia Fuller, and Godwin Louis.

Joe was invited by Terri Lyne Carrington to give a private performance for the Clark Sisters. Joe is in the house band in the legendary Weekly Jam Session at Wally!s Jazz Club, which is among the oldest family owned and operated jazz clubs in existence. Joe remains one of the top call vibraphonists in Boston and the surrounding areas and has recorded as a sideman on multiple albums. In 2011, Joe toured Switzerland with The Boston Collective and was invited to play at the Casa de Teatro Jazz Festival in the Dominican Republic. He also went on tour in Aruba to play with the Bremo/Jansen Project at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival.



Alexander L. J. Tóth is a formerly self-taught musician, playing both Bass Guitar and Upright Bass. Born in Toronto, he came from a musical household, where he quickly developed a hunger for Music. Tóth started playing Bass Guitar professionally during middle school, co-leading an R&B/Jazz band. During High school, Tóth began playing Upright Bass. Soon after, he studied at the Humber Community Music School with Kirk MacDonald, which led him to grow deeper into Jazz. In the course of his High School years, he has performed at most of the major Jazz Festivals and Competitions, receiving many Honors and Awards. His next project, a Jazz Trio was selected to play at the last IAJE conference and was presented with a special citation and an Award of Excellence.

Presently attending Berklee on a major scholarship, he has performed and studied with Wayne Shorter, Danilo Perez, Terri Lyne Carrington, Tia Fuller, Patrice Rushen, Donald Harrison,Darren Barrett, Greg Osby and Ron Savage, among many others. Currently Tóth is sixth semester at Berklee and holds the Bass chair in Ralph Peterson!s Fo!tet band.